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Expert Audit

Got a bad feeling? Don't leave anything to chance, have one of our domain experts audit your project.


Got an in-house project where average won't cut it? We've done those projects too and we know the people who delivered them.

External Crew

Got a Web or Mobile project you need done right. We assemble the crew and manage the delivery.

Build a crew
Support your team with the right skills
Team member


We've worked on projects with hundreds of developers and we know the good ones. Java, .Net or Mobile let us find the people you need.

Team member


A great Business Analyst is key to any projects sucess. They should have the skills but also the comms ability to take your people on the journey.

Team member


They are suprisingly hard to find but the right Project Manager will insure your project suceeds. Let us source someone we've seen deliver similar projects.

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There are plenty of Testers and Test Managers on the market. We're interested in the small number who can own the QA requirements for complex projects. We're sure you are too.

Why Us?

Great people are the key to IT projects, not the size of the company they came from. We've all experienced B teams from large Integrators. Perhaps this is why so many companies now manage their projects in-house. Unfortunately finding great people is seriously hard. In previous roles we've built dozens of great teams and delivered many successful projects. We've looked after our clients and our people, delivering crews on and off-site.

We don't want to be big, we want to be the best. So we've put together crew net, to look after a small number of customers and a small pool of talented people.

We're more than the crew on your project, we're a network of people backing them up. For every person you hire expect a team watching over their shoulder to insure everything else goes well.

So if you want a partner who'll bring the A team then have your back the whole way through the project please get in touch.

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